Tradition in service
of innovation


From the first sketch to everyday wear, we work hard each day to offer our expertise to all women.
Expectation is the compass of our decision-making. Between the century-old legacy of corsetry and the innovative technologies of our modern era, we preserve a history while offering creative collections forever closer to our clients’ expectations. We do this because we are galvanised at every moment by our passion to sublimate and liberate the female body.

Our expertise in 3 steps

  • Conception

    The quality displayed in the cut of our products signifies a perfect design that adapts to every shape.
    The developmental stage of assessing how our products fit the body is indispensable to offering lingerie that is both comfortable and flattering. Calculated to the millimetre, each measure is patiently studied and adapted for every size, from the length of a strap to the notch in a shorty. The expert eyes of our designers are sharpened by dozens of years of experience, and they know the secret to optimal support.

  • Creation

    The Lacelier workshop, where the dream comes to life…
    The passion of our designers expresses itself in pencil strokes and mood boards to imagine a shape, a nuance of colour, a delicate detail. Our materials are chosen with care and assembled through a unique design to create lingerie that resembles its wearer. Whether we revisit legendary collections or model designs according to avant-garde trends, each of our brands is put on a pedestal in our creation process.

  • Production

    Our expectation: quality. We pay particular attention to bringing our expertise to life by selecting our manufacturers and suppliers according to their excellence, their approach to innovation and their respect towards social and environmental criteria. Our process of production follows precise specifications that allow the Lacelier group to offer the best in lingerie.